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Neighborhood: Santa Lucia

  • Nights starting at $79

  • Weeks starting at $500

  • Months starting at $1800

A premium rental, in the perfect area. Casa “Cielito Lindo” is located on one of the nicest, most centrally located areas in all of Merida Centro, Parque Santa Lucía. It is ideally located between Plaza Grande, 4 blocks to the south, and Santa Ana/Paseo Montejo, 4 blocks to the north.

Casa Cielito Lindo is both comfortable and convenient. Your own private oasis, yet close to everything. There are dozens of restaurants within close walking distance and a wide assortment of exotic flavours to choose from including Yucatecan, Italian, Mediterranean, Peruvian, Mexican, Japanese, Argentinean, Cuban, German, American etc. There is really something for everyone’s taste from the exotic to the simple flavours of local street food ... all an easy walk from your front door.

To quench your thirst, whether you are just starting, or just ending, your day you can order an espresso from the coffee shop on the corner, or sample one of the many fine beers produced in the area from the local brew pub, or mezcal for those wanting a true Mexican experience.

Everything is close, with local shops selling a wide assortment of hand crafted items, to guayaberas, to hammocks, to local art and jewelry, there is something for everyone to buy as a reminder of their stay.

Casa Cielito Lindo strives to make your stay a pleasant and memorable one. Designed to respect its old colonial past with thick mampostería walls and high ceilings, it also has modern touches throughout to make your stay that much more comfortable. Whether you are wintering in the beautiful “White City”, as Merida is known, or a first time visitor, this property will most certainly fit your needs. Every corner of this home is unique and inviting.

Designed as a traditional colonial home it follows the typical layout of front entry with bedroom alongside, leading into the living area, then dining and kitchen in the rear. The property has one bedroom, perfect for the single traveller or couples travelling together, with a cozy attached ensuite. The bedroom, livingroom and dining area all have dual inverter AC units to help cool those warm tropical nights. The living room is tastefully decorated and nicely equipped. Both satellite TV and HD antennas provide US and Canadian channels plus a variety of local programming as well.

The dining room has a stunning view of the plunge pool and a gorgeous mamposteria wall offers seclusion and privacy out back. On Sunday afternoons, the back patio area is the perfect spot to sit back and listen to the soft music emanating from the square behind, or to simply enjoy the warm, lazy Yucatecan evenings.

We hope you come visit and enjoy all that Merida has to offer. The property manager(s) are available 24/7 to assist and/or answer any questions you may have. We are here to ensure you enjoy your stay.

House rules

1. Check-in is after 3pm. Check-out is before 11am. Times can be adjusted. 

2. Electricity is not included. Electric meter to be read upon arrival and before check-out. For a more accurate lecture, when you check in take a photo of the electric meter and send the photo through email.

The money of the electricity must be paid in pesos in cash. The kilowatt is charged at 3.5 pesos.

3. There is a $300 USD damage and electric deposit.

4. Minimum stay of 3 nights.

5. Smoking is not allowed in the entire property.

6. Pets are not allowed.

7. Maximum 2 overnight guests. Additional overnight guests are not permitted. The maximum is 4 people



Services included


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